Qumi-Qumi series released in VR

Cyprus-based Toonbox Animation studio announced the release of animated comedy series for tween kids Qumi-Qumi in a brand-new format on Oculus Store. The updated project has been produced in 3D with VR elements and 360 panoramic view. Course of the story can be affected by the viewer by means of shifting his eye line. The multi-ending technology enables the plot unfold in four different ways.

Action of the series takes place in the amazing Qumi-Qumi world which bears a remote resemblance to Earth but its landscapes and the creatures living there hold far more fanciful traits. Three different tribes share this world: wizards, scientists and the military. Juga, Yusi and Shumadan come from different tribes; however, they get on much better with each other than with their co-tribesmen who consider the three friends to be outcasts. Every time one of them gets into a funny situation, and they have to clear it up together. The fact that both Juga and Shumadan are head over heels in love with Yusi doesn’t make the situation any easier.

Qumi-Qumi premiered in Russia on 2x2 channel in March 2011 and by today has been broadcasted on over dozen channels globally, multiple web-platforms including Toons.tv and YouTube, gaining over 320 thousand subscribers worldwide and over 338 million views to date.

The app for enjoying the new Qumi-format can be downloaded from Oculus Store. Viewing is effected by means of Gear VR – a mobile virtual reality headset developed by Oculus (Facebook) in collaboration with Samsung. The headset unit has no display of his own and works as a controller and an inertial measurement unit (IMU) in a cluster with all Samsung flagship mobile devices which should be secured in the frame of the headset in front of the viewer’s eyes.



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