Mr. Freeman is back again!

This week a new episode of a controversial and acute animated series Mr. Freeman premiered on the official YouTube channel of the project — for now, only in Russian.

The series initially hit the Internet during its YouTube premiere on September 21, 2009. Though the authors of the project never revealed themselves up to a certain point, the project gained considerable popularity in Internet. The team of the project managed to get perfect timing for creating Mr. Freeman – a sarcastic animated guy who in each episode delivers harsh monologues criticizing the life of modern society. Weird as it may seem, abusive mode of the character has hit the bull’s eye. By the time the authors of Mr. Freeman revealed themselves to the public on December 21, 2012, the series had gained 35M views on Russian segment of the Internet.

After the 21st episode was released in June 2014, Mr. Freeman has taken a sabbatical for reasons not announced to the public. The revival of the project is dated May 18, 2017 when the 22-nd episode of Mr. Freeman named Conscience was released with new episodes coming out every subsequent quarter. By that date, the total number of YouTube views of the series has reached 76 million. The authors of the project – Pavel Muntyan, Vladimir Ponomarev, Anatoly Dobrozhan and Vadim Demchog – admit that their character already defines the timing for new episodes himself depending on the topics most challenging for the society at the moment.



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